Holy Crap!!



A week ago today I found out. A week ago today I was working my 5-2 shift came home to an empty house, took a nap and was to have a nice romantic Spanish dinner with my husband. But, I was too tired and we ordered in instead. Something in my brain told me to check.. So I did.

And 6 tests later and an ultrasound revealed that I’m having a baby!! The week before I had said to my mother that if we never had another baby I would be happy with our little man. I didn’t need another one to make me happy..

Would I want one? Sure

Was I expecting it? Not a chance in hell!!

Would I change it? No frickin way!!!

I’m scared out of my effin mind!! I’ve been pregnant 3 times counting this time. The first one started out with no real symptoms, the occasional back ache and some tenderness and ended @ what should have been 8 weeks.

The second one starter out with a back ache, some tenderness and one patch of eczema on my wrist. I had more aches and pulsing feelings early on that freaked me out to no end!!!

This time I’m scared because I don’t want to lose it, but don’t want to live this experience in fear either. I’m getting the tenderness, back aches, wrist eczema, pulsating feelings and getting actual nauseous and skeeved out feelings (that one is new).

I know I have to let what ever is going to happen, happen and know I’m along for the ride. With that said I’m excited, scared, eating better, exercising more and loving this moment now!!

Here’s to 9 months of growth, kicks, wiggles, hiccups, stretches, doctors visits and so much more!!




I’ve always wanted to be a published writer.  I’ve always dreamed of having a fan.  So, first step done. I’m published on the internet…I figure if others are doing it why can’t I.

I’m not sure what I’ll write about on here. Might be about my day, might be some random thoughts, might just be word vomit (like this), might be a fan fiction story… Not sure quite yet… But, it will be interesting…I hope 🙂